3 Benefits of Eyelash Extensions vs Mascara: Long, Full Lashes With Minimal Makeup

Eyelashes accentuate the eyes by framing them and adding femininity to  facial features. However, not everyone is born with beautiful eyelashes. We all want long, thick, dark lashes, but often the eyelashes we are born with are sparse, short or light-colored.

Cosmetic applications, particularly mascara can enhance the appearance of our eyelashes, but often add time, effort and discomfort to our beauty regimen. Even prescription eyelash treatments do not necessarily give us the luxurious look we desire, leading many to seek eyelash extensions for a more glamorous look. Modern eyelash extensions are made from a variety of materials, including genuine mink, faux mink and silk. Their professional application by a licensed and certified technician can give you the eyelashes you’ve always wanted, no matter what your length or thickness preference.

3 Benefits of Eyelash Extensions vs Mascara

Contact us to explore our exceptional selection of eyelash lengths, curls and diameters. We can give your eyes the appearance you envision, whether you want the distinctive eyelashes of today’s hottest celebrities or just a small cosmetic enhancement for greater confidence. 

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