3 Reasons Why Taking an Eyelash Extensions Training Course Is a Good Idea for Your Career

Those working in the beauty industry may have already learned the basic qualifications for hair and nails, but for those that want to take their career to the next level, moving into lashes is a must. Every woman wants a rich, full fan of lashes, but not everyone has the genetics to get them naturally. As such, eyelash extension is one of the fastest-growing areas of the already competitive beauty industry. However, as an art that some think they can learn on their own, what makes taking an eyelash extensions training course a good idea?

Entrance into a Growing Industry

Eyelash extensions are a relatively new area in the beauty industry, but they have already proved to be the perfect accent to that coveted smoky eye. Previously, women had to rely on temperamental falsies and hit-or-miss lash growth products for minimum lash pay-off that ate up both time and money. Through lash extensions, women now are treated to a dense, natural looking set of lashes that last for weeks with only one application. The benefits of lash extensions are myriad, making it no surprise that lash technicians continue to thrive while other areas of the beauty industry flounder. Investing in an eyelash extension course is to invest in your own future as a way to remain competitive in the beauty industry as well as opening up exciting new opportunities for your career.

A Varied Repertoire

When competing for clients in the crowded beauty industry, sheer skill is only a fraction of what attracts customers. Busy women these days don’t have time to stop at a number of different salons for their beauty treatments, they want a beauty therapist that has mastered a wide variety of different treatments. Taking an eyelash extension training course allows stylists to offer this new treatment with the same pride and confidence that a full set of lashes can inspire.

Quality Assurance

Although lash spas are popping up on every street corner, many states only require that lash technicians be either a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist. Beyond that, there are no real regulations for this relatively new practice. This has led to some pretty appalling eyelash extension stories, which have hurt the trust between customers and lash stylists. Having an eyelash extension training course under your belt not only tells your clients that you have been specifically trained in the how to do this, but you know how to do it safely with proper sanitation practices.

A Touch of Lash not only offers eyelash extension services to women in the Las Vegas area, but our trained professionals offer our expertise and experience to beauty therapists looking to expand their knowledge into eyelash extensions. Contact us today to learn more about our eyelash extension training and refresher courses.

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