This service is designed to straighten the brow hair resulting in an instantly full, lifted and fluffy brow. The process essentially involves straightening eyebrow hairs so that all hairs stand in the desired direction. This treatment has INSANE results teamed with our Brow Tint which is included in our Brow Lamination service, due to the hair being very porous after Lamination. The formula used is also vegan friendly!

This service is perfect for everyone and anyone! Brow Lamination will make a thin brow appear full within 30 minutes as-well as a more full brow appear fuller and more fluffy!

Brow Lamination + Brow Tint Service $80 (1hr)
Brow Lamination + Brow Tint + Brow Wax $95 (1 hr 15 min)

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Brow Lamination and Tint lasts up to 6-8 weeks. Each morning your Laminated brows will require styling by brushing and setting in place. You will also need to apply the Brow Code Brow Growth Oil daily to restore the brow hair. (sold in salon)

Do not wet your brows for 24 hours and avoid going in saunas.