Eyelash extensions vs. falsies: Which one is right for you?

When you’re searching for a way to get those long, lush lashes, you’ll find that there are two big options to choose from. While both have their pros and cons, we think that extensions offer the best look in the biggest range of situations. So let’s discuss some of those here, and find out why extensions are probably the best choice.

Eyelash extensions vs. falsies: why you should choose extensions

Natural look. Extensions make your lashes look longer and more full, while maintaining that “real” look. Fake lashes give you a “bigger than life” kind of look… literally. If you want to enhance your lashes while still looking natural, extensions are the way to go.

Ease of use. Extensions are best applied by a professional and last for weeks. If you’ve ever use falsies, you know the downside here – glue, glue, glue. It’s a sticky mess, and you can easily avoid that by going with extensions.

Time economy. Like the saying goes, “time is money”. You value your time, right? Of course! With extensions, you have an upfront “time cost” that is definitely more than falsies. However, with falsies you’re devoting time of your day – every day – to putting them on. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have 5+ minutes to spare in my morning routine! With extensions, it’s one application and done. 

If you have any questions about the benefits of eyelash extensions, feel free to contact us. This is our area of expertise, and we’d love to help you become an expert in this hot beauty trend!

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