Teeth Whitening Service  $125 
2 Hrs

Aftercare Pen $29
Can be used daily to enhance results.

The results are immediate and painless, lasting up to 6-18 months*

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Frequently asked questions

How should I show up to my Teeth Whitening appointment?
All you need to do prior to your appointment, is to brush your teeth and floss really well!
How long does the process take?

We do a total of four 20 minute sessions, this process takes 2 hours.

What happens after my service? Am I allowed to eat or drink anything?

After you leave with your new, bright white smile, we ask that you follow a White Diet for 24-48 hours after your service to avoid any discoloration.

Can I continue whitening my teeth at home or do I need to re book another appointment?

We sell Whitening Pens you can take home with you to help keep your smile nice and white!


Have any concerns or curious to know more? Feel free to give a call or text 702-576-6855!