Coconut Body Oil


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Our Body Oil’s are made with 100% Organic Oils that are very nourishing for your skin and won’t strip your tan. Body oil helps your skin from drying out. No more itchy skin. The one amazing part of using our body oil is that if your super sensitive and tend to get razor burns our body oil works as an amazing shaving oil. With spray tans a shaving oil is better than using shaving cream.

[We have tried and tested our body oil on most brands and have not had any issues with it stripping the tan. We found that it made the tan last longer with a even fade.]



Did you know:

That you can use this oil to remove your make-up

Shave your legs/ arms.

And lastly keep that tan looking flawless. 


Ingredients: Almond Oil, JoJoba Oil, Apricot Oil, Avocado Oil, Primrose, Vitamin C Oil, Fragrance



8 oz